is shaping our relationships, our daily lives, and our democracy,
making it more imperative than ever to ensure that a diverse set of perspectives and experiences are shaping

Studies suggest that diverse teams develop more radical innovations, introduce more new products, and create more valuable inventions-- making ethnic and gender diversity a priority from an economic and business culture perspective.

To promote transparency, companies are releasing independently-generated diversity statistics provided to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

While useful, these releases suffer from a number of defects: they are high-level, they are voluntary, they are limited to the metrics of gender, race, and permanent employment, and most importantly - the overwhelming sense has been that they have failed to move the needle.

To address these issues, we are developing “leaderboards” or other indexes that show the diversity within companies, across fields, and, data permitting, across various points in the pipeline (not just full-time employment but also including, e.g. publications, education, VC funding, pipeline programs) to investors, customers, and potential employees.

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Reactions, suggestions, possible use cases, knowledge of existing initiatives, adjacent projects and people.


Technical and non-technical, including in the ESG/reporting domain.

Test Cases

What domains make the most sense for developing a test case?

Diversity Innovation Action Plan


Demographic data on innovators can be obtained by applying gender and ethnicity algorithms to names and addresses.

Data Tracking

Tracking innovations based on patents and publications. and would consider patent, investment (Crunchbase) LinkedIn, and arXiv records, as well as, to the extent available, upstream education records.


Report on gender and ethnic diversity in an industry domain to be determined and a playbook for replicating and expanding the approach to other domains.

Accuracy & Transparency

Our method reduces reliance on self-reported statistics and census or related sources of private, personal records that disclose gender and ethnicity and on proprietary or limited access methods and sources.

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